Design + Development

We can seamlessly convert your challenging ideas into successful products because we offer an unbeatable value proposition: full realization of your product’s potential.

Our team of optical engineers and designers have decades of experience in medical devices, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, Homeland Security, and industrial applications. This experience coupled with our in-house manufacturing capability will take you from risk analysis through prototyping and into manufacturing scale-up.

Many of our customers bring only a concept; and they depend on AO to provide the design innovation and manufacturing expertise to deliver a validated product or device on an ambitious timeline.

Customers frequently come to us with their own design, looking for reliable supply and consistent quality. We deliver their design in the volumes they need (prototypes to full-scale manufacturing) on time and with certifiable metrology and test results.


Let us enhance your product development and manufacture with our expertise. We are certified to ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2008.