Amazing Women at Access Optics- Cristina Fisher

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Meet one of our most valuable employees at Access Optics. Cristina is a career mom of three beautiful babies, “four if you count my husband.” says Fisher. She started her career off in property restoration where she was the Office Manager of three separate locations in the Oklahoma Region. After becoming pregnant with her first baby, she found the job too demanding and decided to look for something that would allow her to be the mom she always wanted to be while managing a career.

She was hired by AO and started learning everything about optics. “Learning about this was amazing to me because I knew that what I was doing mattered to someone on the other end of the optic. Our optics were going into devices that would help doctors diagnose problems in patients or help surgeons have a better view during surgery. With family members that have been in surgery or about to have surgery, it provides comfort when you understand the requirements behind the device. It also sets the standard of how to perform at Access Optics, meaning: Would I let this device be used on my child?”

There’s a joke around AO that Cristina, with her extensive knowledge of the business, could easily run this company one day with a blindfold on. She has worked in almost every area of this company. She’s worked in Inspection, Inventory, Sales, Production Control, Quality and Purchasing.

She has now 9 years working for Access Optics, while being a present Mom to children who are very active in sports and other things. #lifegoalnumber1achieved

We are grateful for amazing women like Cristina. Happy Women’s History Month!