Access Optics Glass-To-Metal Seals

If your optical devices demand consistent and reliable performance, even under challenging conditions, AO’s Glass-To-Metal Seals (G-T-M-S) offer a dependable solution.

Our hermetic glass-to-metal sealing technology, utilizing metal sealing and stainless steel, seamlessly joins metal and glass to create vacuum-tight electrical connectors, packaging, feed-throughs, or optical windows/lenses in electronics or electronic systems.

Glass To Metal Seals Min

Versatile Sealing Solutions

From our patented, high-volume single-use autoclavable seal to reusable seals capable of enduring hundreds or thousands of uses, we provide world-class seals for optical devices. These seals ensure the reliable product lifetimes our customers depend on, meeting various application needs.

Brazed Glass-To-Metal Seals

Our brazed glass-to-metal seals developed entirely in-house using metal sealing technology, exhibit exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, pressures, humidity levels, and repeated chemical exposure or explosive environments. The glass seals and stainless steel components play a pivotal role in preserving the integrity of the sealing process.

Hermetic Performance with Laser Welding

We combine these seals with highly accurate laser welding techniques, incorporating compression seals and spring clips to achieve truly hermetic performance for optical assemblies. This meticulous process involves securely holding the glass, confirming its performance through autoclave screening, and certifying it through helium leak testing of individual medical devices.

Engineered for Reliability: Hermetic Sealing Solutions

Glass-To-Metal Seals for OEM Customers

OEM customers trust us with their most challenging requirements for systems that must deliver top performance under harsh environmental conditions, including coefficients of thermal expansion challenges. Our technology, coupled with matched seals, consistently solves problems that customers may personally consider insurmountable.

Certification and Regulatory Compliance

AO is certified in ISO13485:2016 and ISO9001:2015, demonstrating our commitment to quality. Our FDA registration and U.S. manufacturing operations uphold the strictest regulatory transparency requirements for our customers, ensuring a hermetically sealed and reliable solution.

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