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At Access Optics, the term “Micro-Optics” encompasses ground and polished/centered and edged components ranging from 0.5mm to 3.0mm in major dimensions.

Micro Optics Min


1. Microscale Optical Fibers

  • Optical fibers characterized by a microscale core diameter.

2. Mini Diffractive Optical Elements

  • Components featuring miniaturized diffractive optical elements.

3. Micro Optical Mirrors

  • Tiny optical mirrors designed for microscale applications.

4. Diverse Components

  • Flats, windows, lenses, and prisms crafted with precision.

5. Lens Arrays

  • Arrays of micro lenses for specialized optical configurations.

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Precision Manufacturing

In our US facility, Access Optics manufactures and coats these micro-optics components.


Micron Level Tolerances, Infinitesimal defect allowances, and Accurate Physical and Optical Metrology.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Micro Optics in Endoscopy and Robotics

Over half of the world’s top ten endoscopy and robotic surgical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) trust Access Optics for supplying components and assemblies of exceptional quality.

  1. Micron Level Tolerances
  2. Infinitesimal Defect Allowenses
  3. Accurate Physical and Optical Metrology

Competitive Advantage in Imaging and Sensing Systems

If the competitive advantage of your imaging or sensing system relies on micro-optical performance, Access Optics is the go-to solution. Contact us to elevate the precision and quality of your micro optics components.

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