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Optical components constitute just one facet of a broader narrative. Exceptional performance within optical systems hinges on the precision, accuracy, and durability of thin film coatings meticulously applied to these components. The complete optical performance is contingent upon the amalgamation of design, materials, and the precise thickness of these coating layers.
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Thin Film Coating: The Final Decider

In the realm of optical systems, the ultimate determinant of success often rests upon the performance and durability of thin film coatings. At Access Optics, we bring a wealth of technology and expertise to this critical dimension of optics. Our commitment lies in offering high-performance designs realized through cutting-edge deposition processes that yield durable, stable, accurate, and consistent results — ensuring uniformity from part to part and lot to lot.
Thin Film Coating

Advanced Coating Processes

Our thin film coating arsenal encompasses various processes, including evaporation (utilizing E-beam gun and resistance), ion assist, and sputtering coatings spanning the UV through the visible and near-infrared spectra. Not only do we consistently meet standard environmental performance specifications, but we also provide specialized coatings such as ultra-durable abrasion-resistant, temperature-resistant, and densified spectrally stable coatings.

Precision in Optical and Mechanical Sensing

Access Optics provides Micro Imaging services with a focus on perfecting optical and mechanical sensing. We apply ISO-certified development processes to the design and components, ensuring precision and quality at every stage.

Tailored Solutions at Your Fingertips

Diverse Deposition Techniques

Our expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing various deposition techniques such as DC sputtering, RF sputtering, ion-assisted deposition (IAD), and reactive sputtering. Whether your requirements involve achieving specific sputter rates, controlling layer numbers, or tailoring the refractive index, our capabilities, and technology are poised to address your unique thin film coating needs.

Optimal Application Through Advanced Deposition

Access Optics leverages a diverse range of deposition methods, including physical vapor deposition, ensuring the optimal application of coatings to enhance the overall performance of your optical components.

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