Access Optics Micro Precision Subassemblies

Optical elements virtually always require mounts. In simple cases, these are retainers or frames. In more complex cases, they may be intricate housings with spacers, stops, and involved mechanical configurations.

Micro Precision Subassemblies

Expertise in Optical Assembly

Like so many other aspects of device manufacturing, optical assembly depends on keen expertise. At AccessOptics, we have mastered the optical assembly required for your products.
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Precision and Efficiency

Quality Assurance

Access Optics takes pride in delivering optical assemblies that offer substantial savings and even more substantial improvement in performance when compared to purchasing individual optical and mechanical components for assembly in-house. Trust us for micro precision subassemblies that elevate the quality and efficiency of your optical elements.

About Access Optics

Specializing in Medical OEMS, Optical Imaging & Diagnostic Devices, we help our partners improve their products and solve their most challenging problems.