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The integration of optical systems into challenging environments presents medical device engineers with ample opportunities to develop smarter, safer, and more robust devices. Applications spanning from gas sensing to endoscopic surgery heavily rely on hermetic cells. These cells provide a controlled space where optical processes can occur without interference or degradation from the surrounding environment.
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The Varied Landscape of Hermetic Cells

The term “hermetic cells” encompasses diverse specifications, depending on their intended function. Whether designed to contain gases or liquids within or outside an optical enclosure, hermetic cells serve the purpose of isolating one environment from another.

Notably, sophisticated hermetic cells find frequent application in medical devices, endoscopes, or endo-couplers, offering vital protection during autoclave sterilization. Similar applications arise in safeguarding optoelectronics from harsh atmospheres or sealing combustible gases in lasers or IR analyzers to prevent potential electronic ignition.
Hermetic Optical Cells

Key Considerations

In challenging environments marked by variable temperature and pressure conditions, the choice of materials for hermetic sealing becomes crucial. The utilization of glass and metal emerges as a key strategy, ensuring the resilience of hermetic cells.
Our designs are tailored to withstand high temperatures and pressures, preserving the integrity of optical systems during sterilization processes, including pressure steam and steam sterilization cycles.

Laser-Welded and Metal Seals

The incorporation of laser-welded and metal seals adds a layer of reliability and durability to our hermetic sealing solutions. These features are indispensable for long-term use in harsh conditions, ensuring that our hermetic cells not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of challenging environments.

Engineered for Reliability: Hermetic Sealing Solutions

Meeting Stringent Requirements

Our hermetic cells are meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of harsh environments. This makes them suitable for a diverse range of applications that demand protection and isolation. Whether it involves load cells in medical devices or preserving the integrity of optoelectronics in gas analyzers, our hermetic sealing solutions meet the stringent requirements of varied applications.

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Access Optics stands as your trusted partner in delivering hermetic sealing solutions. Our commitment is to enhance the performance and reliability of optical systems in demanding environments.

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