Access Optics Micro Imaging

In the same way that CMOS image sensors revolutionize imaging, Access Optics transforms the performance of CMOS sensor-based systems through the exceptional design of micro-objectives and micro-imagers.

We engage in the entire system design process based on your requirements, developing the complete optical system from the imager forward. Whether you need a full system design or optimization of an existing baseline design, we have the expertise to deliver superior performance.
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Expert Optimization for Peak Performance

If you already have a baseline design, we can optimize it for manufacturability to achieve the highest possible performance. Our track record includes successful optimizations for industry-leading companies in robotic surgical platforms and Homeland Security applications.
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Integration for Advanced Medical Applications

For advanced medical applications, we can seamlessly integrate near-infrared diagnostic capabilities with exceptional CMOS imaging in the visible spectrum, providing the ultimate in definitive tissue identification

Precision in Optical and Mechanical Sensing

Access Optics provides Micro Imaging services with a focus on perfecting optical and mechanical sensing. We apply ISO-certified development processes to the design and components, ensuring precision and quality at every stage.

Micro Imaging Services by Access Optics

Aggressive Time-to-Market Timeline

From producing the first article prototypes to transitioning the final product into full production, we adhere to an aggressive time-to-market timeline. Access Optics combines tools, experience, and expertise to deliver exceptional micro-objectives and micro-imagers for your most demanding projects.

Image Quality Excellence

Our unwavering focus on image quality, signal-to-noise ratio, and high resolution ensures that the captured images meet the stringent requirements of your applications. Trust Access Optics for cutting-edge solutions in micro imaging.

About Access Optics

Specializing in Medical OEMS, Optical Imaging & Diagnostic Devices, we help our partners improve their products and solve their most challenging problems.