Access Optics Precision Optics & Assemblies

Access Optics excels in the fabrication of both micro (less than 1mm to 3mm) and conventional (3mm to approximately 50mm) optical elements, all held to rigorous tolerances. With a track record of delivering millions of optical components, our expertise spans diverse markets, from general photonics to diffraction-limited imaging applications.

Surgical Endoscopy Design & Repair

Manufacturing Mastery

Our expansive 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, coupled with a skilled team of master opticians, engineers, and optical and thin film designers, positions us uniquely. This combination of resources empowers us to offer flexibility in producing optics of various sizes, configurations, tolerances, and production volumes, all at prices tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Beyond Fabrication: Streamlining Operations

Access Optics goes beyond mere fabrication and coating. Trusted by our largest customers, we play a pivotal role in streamlining their operations by handling the outsourcing of subassemblies and complete devices. From micro-objectives for robot-assisted surgery to micro imagers for Homeland Security, our customers rely on us with full confidence, knowing that the products they receive meet or exceed expectations and are ready for immediate use.

Complete Control, Optimal Performance

As an experienced optics manufacturer, we wield control over the entire performance spectrum of the devices we manufacture. This ensures that your instruments perform to their optimum imaging or photonics design parameters, meeting the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Precision Optics in Robotic Surgery

Navigating Micro Realms

In the realm of robotic surgery, Access Optics is at the forefront with micro-objectives and imaging systems designed to address the unique challenges of minimally invasive procedures. Our meticulous considerations include factors such as pixel size, numerical aperture (NA), and point spread functions (PSF), ensuring that our optical systems deliver the necessary resolution for precise surgical interventions.

Coating for Enhancement

Beyond fabrication, our expertise extends to crafting thin film coatings that elevate the performance of these optical elements. We tackle challenges like limited resolution and the Rayleigh criterion, ensuring that our optical systems consistently deliver exceptional results.

From Macroscopic to Microscopic

Access Optics specializes in the meticulous craft of optical components for a diverse range of applications, spanning from macroscopic to microscopic realms. Whether it’s mount cameras, zoom couplers, or discreet spy cameras for covert applications, our manufacturing capabilities cover a broad spectrum of optical elements. Rest assured, our commitment is unwavering — your devices will consistently meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

About Access Optics

Specializing in Medical OEMS, Optical Imaging & Diagnostic Devices, we help our partners improve their products and solve their most challenging problems.