After “leaning out” its own manufacturing operations, this world-class laboratory analytical instruments manufacturer set out to establish a strategic supply relationship for its optics requirements. The company’s objectives were clear: secure the financial benefit of a long-term contract, maintain the flexibility advantages required for virtually instantaneous changes in product mix and find these qualities in a single supplier who could support the company as it established a worldwide chain of contract manufacturing sites.


ACCESS OPTICS was chosen as the sole source supplier for more than 80% of the optical component requirements for this manufacturer’s multi-billion dollar line of instruments.


A very satisfied end user.
ACCESS OPTICS has achieved this by delivering nearly two dozen distinct optical components and assemblies for more than a decade in total quantities greater than 300,000 with virtually zero returns. Adapting to the customer’s kanban requirements and worldwide distribution needs, AO achieved a reliable, high-quality product flow year after year. For this exceptional level of accomplishment, AO has earned greater than 99.9% supplier ratings for quality, delivery, and reliability from this industry-leading customer.