Improved System Performance

Improved Efficiency

Keep It Simple.

The front-runner in medical imaging cameras had a big problem- customers were beginning to return product because viewed images were off-color and color drifted over time. Access Optics brought its unique expertise in thin film coating to bear on the problem. The results were picture-perfect.

The subtle interplay between imaging optics, illumination devices and video equipment can produce very sophisticated imaging issues. These issues create patient risk when they occur in a medical environment.

With years of experience in thin film applications, Access Optics quickly diagnosed the customer’s problems and identified design and specification factors contributing to color run-off and image instability. The solution: a new illumination filter involving a robust design, improved materials and 21st century thin film coating processes which led to steep slopes, high and neutral in-band transmission and superior thermal rejection characteristics.


With Access Optics‘s help, the endoscope manufacturer achieved high-definition, high-fidelity surgical images. The solution also eliminated end-user returns and complaints, and created for the company a new advantageous selling feature for its video imaging equipment.