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Hermetic Optical Cells

Glass To Metal Seals 1 Min

The ability to employ optical systems in challenging environments provides medical device engineers with a wealth of opportunities to create smarter, safer, more robust devices. Applications from gas-sensing to endoscopic surgery rely on hermetic cells in which optical processes can be carried out without interaction with or degradation from the surrounding environment.

This can result in very different specifications for what is generically termed “hermetic cells.” Whether designed to keep a gas or liquid in or out of an optical enclosure, a hermetic cell serves to isolate one environment from another. One of the most frequent applications of sophisticated hermetic cells is in medical devices, endoscopes, or endo-couplers, to provide protection during autoclave sterilization. Other applications, such as protecting optoelectronics from harsh atmospheres or sealing the combustible gas in a laser or IR analyzer from potential electronic ignition sources, pose similar hermetic cell applications.

In these challenging environments, where temperature and pressure conditions vary, the use of glass and metal for hermetic sealing becomes crucial. Our hermetic cells are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, ensuring the integrity of the optical systems during sterilization processes, including pressure steam and steam sterilization cycles. The incorporation of laser-welded and metal seals enables hermetic sealing that is not only reliable but also durable for long-term use in harsh conditions.

The hermetic cells are engineered to withstand the rigors of harsh environments, making them ideal for a wide range of applications that require protection and isolation. Whether it’s load cells in medical devices or ensuring the integrity of optoelectronics in gas analyzers, our hermetic sealing solutions meet the stringent requirements of diverse applications. Access Optics is your trusted partner in delivering hermetic sealing solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of optical systems in demanding environments.

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