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Precision Optics & Assemblies

105 Access Optics Min

Access Optics fabricates both micro (<1mm to 3mm) and conventional (3mm to ~50mm) optical elements to tight tolerances. We have delivered literally millions of optical components, serving customers in markets from general photonics to diffraction-limited imaging applications. Our 20,000 ft2 manufacturing facility and skilled team of master opticians, engineers, and optical and thin film designers give us the flexibility to produce optics in sizes, configurations, tolerances, and production volumes at prices that fit each customer’s specific requirements.

104 Access Optics Min

Fabrication and coating are just the start. Our largest customers depend on Access Optics to streamline their operations as they outsource subassemblies and complete devices to us. Whether a micro-objective that provides applications for robot-assisted surgery, a micro imager for Homeland Security, or an Endo/camera coupler or micro camera destined for the hands of a surgeon — our customers come to us with full confidence that the product they receive meets or exceeds their expectations and can be put directly to use. As an experienced optics manufacturer, we control the entire performance of the devices we manufacture and assure that your instruments perform to their optimum imaging or photonics design parameters.

In the realm of robotic surgery, our micro-objectives and imaging systems are designed to meet the unique challenges of minimally invasive surgery. We address factors such as pixel size, numerical aperture (NA), and point spread functions (PSF), ensuring that the optical system provides the necessary resolution for precise procedures. Our expertise extends to the fabrication of thin film coatings that enhance the performance of these optical elements, addressing challenges such as limited resolution and the Rayleigh criterion.

Access Optics specializes in crafting optical components for a variety of applications, from the macroscopic to the microscopic. Whether it’s mount cameras, zoom couplers, or even discreet spy cameras for hidden applications, our manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of optical elements, ensuring that your devices meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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About Access Optics

Specializing in Medical OEMS, Optical Imaging & Diagnostic Devices, we help our partners improve their products and solve their most challenging problems.

  • Established in 2000
  • 20,000ft² Facility
  • Class 7 Clean Room
  • ISO 13485 with D&D Manufacturing
  • ITAR Compliant
  • FDA Registered

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