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Coating Machine

Optical components are only part of the story. Exceptional product performance in optical systems often relies on the precision, accuracy, and durability of thin film coatings applied to the optics to ensure their complete optical performance. The design, materials, and precise thickness of the coating layers all add up to produce product performance. Thin Film Coating performance and durability are often the final determinants of success for an optical system. Access Optics brings considerable technology and significant expertise to this vital dimension of optics: We offer high-performance designs realized through state-of-the-art deposition processes that produce durable, stable, accurate, and consistent results — part-to-part and lot-to-lot.

Our thin film coating processes include evaporation [E-beam gun and resistance], ion assist, and sputtering coatings operated from the UV through the visible and near-infrared.

Access Optics routinely meets standard environmental performance specifications. We also offer ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant coatings, temperature-resistant coatings, and densified spectrally stable coatings. Let us solve your thin film coating problems. Fill out the inquiry form on our Contact page.

Our expertise extends to various deposition techniques, including DC sputtering, RF sputtering, ion-assisted deposition (IAD), and reactive sputtering. Whether it’s achieving specific sputter rates, controlling the number of layers, or tailoring the refractive index to your requirements, we have the capabilities and technology to address your thin film coating needs. Access Optics utilizes a range of deposition methods, such as physical vapor deposition, ensuring the optimal application of coatings to enhance the performance of your optical components.

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About Access Optics

Specializing in Medical OEMS, Optical Imaging & Diagnostic Devices, we help our partners improve their products and solve their most challenging problems.

  • Established in 2000
  • 20,000ft² Facility
  • Class 7 Clean Room
  • ISO 13485 with D&D Manufacturing
  • ITAR Compliant
  • FDA Registered

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